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Decay Of Kalimdor

Code of Conduct


What we’re all about


1)    We are a “Family Oriented” guild. With members ranging in age from as young as 6 years old and as old as 60 years old.  Cursing or swearing in Guild Chat or Ventrilo will not be tolerated before 10pm server time.

2)    Each and Every member is Our Guild’s representative to all that we meet. Each member’s behavior and conduct should represent Our Guild in a positive and respectful way. Members who do not conduct themselves in an ethical, caring and respectful manner to ALL around them (except the Alliance, of course),  will be quickly cast out of the guild, with NO option to return.

3)    All Guild Members are considered “Family,” And “Family” always comes first! Our “Family” members are to be defended, respected, and justly treated in the presence of others who are not in our family.  We never leave a man behind; never shun the responsibility we all accept when we’ve given our word to those around us. Honor your word, your commitments and your obligations as you would honor Family.


 We are Sworn to Valor

Our Hearts know only Virtue

Our blades defend the helpless

Our might upholds the weak

Our words speak only truth

Our wrath shall undo the Wicked

 Most importantly, we are here to enjoy ourselves and the company of our friends and family. As the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into years, all the loot we gathered, the gold we made and the instances we ran, will eventually fade into our pasts. Yet, the memories of the Friendships we made, the Family we shared will always remain the most memorable.


Enjoy The Game, We’ve got your back!

- NightsKnight (Noc), G.M.

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Guild Application Process

NightsKnight, Aug 15, 08 7:31 AM.
Due to overwhelming enthusiasm to become a member of The Decay Of Kalimdor Family, the application review and screening process may take as long as a week to complete. Each application will be reviewed by The Decay Of Kalimdor Council Of Honor as quickly as possible and an "In-Game" mail will be sent to you with the council's decision. Consideration for approval will be based upon "The Individual" behind the character and not your in-game abilities, level, or playing experience. The Decay Of Kalimdor Guild is considered to be a World of Warcraft "Premier Guild" which values
honor, integrity, loyalty and friendship above all. Thank you visiting The Decay Of Kalimdor website where our creed is "All for One and One for All."
The Decay Of Kalimdor Council Of Honor
Administrators: Belladonnah, Kioki (Raid leader & CoH)
GM: NightsKnight
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